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The ApproachInformation Model - ER Diagram with definitions.

Information Modeling provides the tools and techniques for specifying business information requirements. The approach is based on the principle that a single set of business related facts can support many diverse applications and systems. 

An Information Model: 

  • Identifies business entities and associations among them.
  • Specifies semantic definitions for entities and associations.
  • Articulates the business rules for creating and deleting instances of entities and associations.
  • Identifies and defines all attributes of entities and associations.
In addition to Information Modeling, which is strictly an analysis discipline, this seminar explores transitions to database design, object-oriented design and data warehouse planning and design. It also emphasizes the interdependence of the Information Model and the Application Model. 

The Seminar

Seminar ID: IMW            Duration: 4 days

The Information Modeling Workshop uses a combination of lectures and workshops to present the tools and techniques of the disciplines involved. It includes mini-exercises to give participants a feel for the tools and a case study to provide them with a sense of the disciplines. The case study may, at the request of the client, be a local application problem. 

During the seminar, we will: 

  • Build an information model for the case study. 
  • Write definitions for entities, associations and attributes. 
  • Review the model for technical consistency and for its support of business policy. 
  • Explore ways to make the model accessible to business and technical users.
  • Objectives

    Upon successful completion of the seminar, the participant will be able to: 

  • Help define the components of an information model. 
  • Appreciate the transition between information models and class models. 
  • Understand the implications of database design.
  • Prerequisites

    An open mind. 

    Who Should Attend?

    The seminar is primarily directed towards: 

  • Data Administrators 
  • Information Systems Analysts 
  • Business Users 
  • Applications Analysts
  • The seminar can also serve the needs of: 
  • Database Analysts

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