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Garden Case Study (cont'd)

Garden Transplant Submodel

An essential part of gardening involves transplanting and moving immature plantings. The growing season here is too short to just plant seeds directly in the garden beds. So we often start the process under lights inside. Usually, the starting container is a 3x3 cell with places for nine seeds. Sometimes we move the cell to a rack by a window to harden the growing seedlings. In every case we transplant the seedlings from the 3x3 cells to larger containers usually 3" by 3" pots. Thes we place in the window so the seedlings can recover from the shock of transplanting then we move them outside on the deck until they are ready to transplant to a garden bed.

The entities and relationships that specify the gardener's policies for transplanting and moving plantings are part of the core model for the garden. A Transplant is a Planting that has changed containers. And it may itself be a transplant. A transplant is a subtype of planting. So that is how it appears in the Transplant Submodel. Normally, a Transplant involves a change of location as well as a change of containers. Both the Transplant planting and the transplant from planting always have a Planting Location.

Transplant Submodel

Similar to a transplant as far as the model is concerned is a move. We need to keep track of moves from one Location to another similarly to how we track Transplants from one Container and Location to another. So we included a Move entity. The main difference between Move and Transplant is that Move does not change the Container holding the Planting being moved.

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