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Leveled data flow diagram set.
The Approach

Application Modeling provides the tools and techniques for specifying a system's requirements in terms of the activities it must perform.  The approach is based on the principle of modeling essential requirements as distinguished from technological ones.  These are requirements that must be met regardless of the technology involved in possible implementations of a system.  The idea is to focus our modeling effort on what has to be present for an application to support the business requirements as opposed to what happens to be present in a particular implementation.

An Essential Model:

  • Illustrates an application's partitioning using a leveled data flow diagram set.
  • Identifies the structure and content of  inter- and intra- system interfaces using a composition dictionary.
  • Specifies algorithms and transforms that a system must perform to support its activities. This may use various forms of detailed specifications ranging from narratives to tables and state transition diagrams.
In addition to Essential Modeling, which is strictly an analysis discipline, the Application Modeling Workshop provides techniques for modeling possible implementations.  Depending on the constraints involved, this model makes it possible to judge the impact of different choices about an implementation.

The Seminar

Seminar ID: AMW                Duration: 4 days

The Application Modeling Workshop uses a combination of lectures and workshops to present the tools and techniques of the disciplines involved.  It includes mini-exercises to give participants a feel for the tools and a case study to provide them with a sense of the disciplines.  The case study may, at the request of the client, be a local application problem.
During the seminar, we will:
  • Build an essential model for the case study.
  • Review the model for coherence and correctness.
  • Build an implementation model to support some portion of the essential requirements.
  • Explore the transition to design with emphasis on identifying and modeling domain interfaces.
  • Objectives

    Upon successful completion of the seminar, the participant will be able to:

    • Distinguish essential activities from technology dependent ones.
    • Build an essential model for an application.
    • Use an essential model as the basis for an implementation model.

    Ability to read an information model after a short introduction.

    Who Should Attend?

    The seminar is primarily directed towards:

    • Applications Analysts
    • Business Users
    • Information Systems Analysts
    The seminar can serve the needs of:
    • Database Analysts
    • Data Administrators
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